Where do we began AOG stands for Army of God giving him glory first and hornor in all we do. The name also was giving to AOG spending time with the lord. Raised in church and my farther later becoming a pastor I ve seen it all but it was something deep inside telling me that Pastoring was not my calling atleast not in my youth. I would soon grew in god and out of god .  In life God still uses our bad moments but how can we express these moments if we are kept in a box ? This is where we talk about music. 

What does our most influance come from you guess it music. Music is more than just something you listen to but something you injest. More than making you body move or changing your mood . Muisc is the core of the spirt and the mind is Captured to injest words and visions that build a larger reality. To make a long story short music is our role model building Character in the mind. Rebuilding Muisc is my mission and as a artist i will do my part in maintaining a Healty Resposible Sound of Music for our youth. 

WELCOME To A Our Platform

AOG Platform has all kinds of perks or tools for artist building a carrer in music. Our main focus is to provide you with everything you need to build a larger scalibilty. The music world contain’s a variety of content and  elements, such as spotify, tidal , apple music , united masters, and more. Our world is changeing before our eyes. We are here to open the gap between fame and a sucessful music carrer for independent artist.


Our Services

Here You can build , Our Platform is offers distribution elements  beyond 5 platforms like you see with distro kid cd baby and others here you can send you music to over 60 Platform’s! Now thats just the beginning in our Elite Package We will Build you your own personal website 4 pages and add you to our spotify playlist which will give you streams you will be added to the Aog platform  chat group and podcast shout out and play’s . In the shop area you can see all details of our distribution packages!



Streamsmartapp ?

Streamsmartapp is where all the magic happends this is Possible by the Non Profit Armyofgod They are the backbone of the platform the site streamsmartapp.com is where arists can log in and distribute their muisc straight at the site they have the tools and experience for artist to use as they please. So much appreciation to a team of dedicated staff working dilligently to assure every artist has a chance to build a career.


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